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Are you seeing your dentist often enough?

A brilliant smile rarely happens on accident. It requires a good oral hygiene routine that includes flossing, brushing, and rinsing your teeth. An important part of maintaining good oral health is visiting your dentist regularly. But some might ask, how often should I visit the dentist?


Health Factors That Determine How Often You Should Visit the Dentist

At Lowry Dental, we pride ourselves on being a family run and family oriented dental clinic. For this reason, we understand the concerns that families have about the frequency they visit the dentist.

Many are surprised to learn that the answer depends on the oral health challenges they are facing. For most people, visiting the dentist twice a year is appropriate. For others, especially those with periodontal disease or who are at risk of getting periodontal disease, they should visit the dentist between three and four times a year.

Individuals with high risk oral health issues, including smokers, those with a weak response to bacterial infections, or those battling gum disease, may need to visit their dentist three or more times a year to maintain good overall health.


Increase Your Dental Visits during Times of Stress

Individuals dealing with increased stress should also visit the dentist more frequently. When a person's stress level rises, they may react by unknowingly grinding their teeth. The earlier we can detect this, the easier it is for us to correct the problem.

Increased stress causes some to take on unhealthy eating habits. These include eating sweet foods, processed sugars, and starch. If these are left on your teeth, it’s going to lead to tooth decay. Increasing the regularity of dental visits during stressful times will help us help you protect your smile.


Reasons Why It’s Hard to Visit the Dentist

We understand that you have a busy schedule caring for your family, for work, and other responsibilities that you have. A difficult schedule can make it challenging for you to keep appointments.

For some people, fear of going to the dentist prevents them from getting the preventative care that they need. Maybe they had a bad experience with the dentist as a child, and this has stuck with them throughout their life. At Lowry Dental, we focus on providing Boise, Idaho residents the most comfortable and worry-free dental experience possible.

We want our patients to feel comfortable coming to the dentist for preventative care or when they have a minor dental issue. This way, we can prevent things from reaching the point where more extensive work is necessary.


How Frequently Should I Visit the Dentist?

The best way to determine how frequently you should schedule dental visits is by consulting with our dentist. We will be able to provide you with detailed instruction with the end goal of helping you keep your smile beautiful and bright.


Whether you are a new patient or an existing patient, you can now schedule your own appointment to fit your busy schedule.
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