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Importance of ADA seal

If you, or someone you know, is in need of dental work, choosing an ADA (American Dental Association) recognized practice is paramount, especially if you’re in need of specialty dentistry, which extends to maxillofacial surgery, periodontics, prosthodontics, orthodontics, and other dental disciplines. The same also holds true for over-the-counter dental products.



Although many of us have seen the ADA seal on a variety of over-the-counter products like toothbrushes, floss, and toothpaste, many may not be familiar with its denotation. So, what is an ADA seal, exactly? Let’s face it when it comes to maintaining the strength and overall health of our natural teeth we only have one opportunity to get it right, and with that said, choosing ADA certified dental products is the best way to achieve this goal.

The ADA Acceptance certification is a program whereby manufacturers provide information related to their products. Once submitted, these products are then reviewed to determine safety and efficacy. The review process is comprised of laboratory studies to help confirm that the products not only align with the claims made by the manufacturer but also are safe for general use. In essence, the ADA Acceptance program ensures that consumers receive maximum benefit from their dental products.



The ADA Acceptance program was established in 1931 with the goal of providing consumers with qualitative and quantitative data to help substantiate the claims made about certain dental products. For example, prior to the 1890s, some manufacturers marketed chalk as a way to clean and protect teeth. Of course, this is not a common practice today; however, the ADA still works diligently to protect consumers from this type of false advertising.



If you purchase a product that has not been evaluated by the ADA, the risks can be twofold. Firstly, the product may be ineffective, and second, it may jeopardize your health. As with the case of chalk being recommended as a dental product, manufacturers can sometimes make grandiose claims in the hope of enticing consumers to purchase their products. And with that said, consumers who choose to use these products may unknowingly be subjecting themselves to the very dental problems they were hoping to avoid, not to mention other health hazards.



As previously stated, choosing an ADA recognized dental practice should be paramount when seeking a dental provider. Although all dentists are required to hold a DDS or DMD license, ADA approved dentists are held to a much higher standard. These are practices that have sworn to adhere to the ADA principle of ethics and code of professional conduct. Additionally, they are privy to up-to-date information, not to mention resources that ensure you receive the best care possible.

In summation, in addition to using ADA approved dental products at home, it is also in your best interest to seek ADA approved dentist for in-office treatments. After all, the products that you choose, along with the dentist that you visit, will dictate the overall health of your teeth.


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