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Dental Injuries Explained

Bleeding? Cracks? Chips? Teeth knocked out? We are here to answer your teeth injury questions. Here we explain various ailments that you may experience in your unique journey through life. Although each mouth is different and has its own unique set of challenges that may arise, there are common injuries and damages that we all will, inevitably, have to face one day. If you're a returning patient of Lowry Dental Dentist in Boise, or you're interested in maintaining the integrity of your teeth in the coming years, keep reading!

Question: What are the most common forms of dental injury?

For most patients, their dental history has areas where soreness, tenderness and even bleeding may have occurred from outside trauma. Luckily, most of this trauma comes as a result of poor dental habits and our inability to properly maintain our teeth.

For example, did you know that your teeth easily become bruised from tasks like brushing and flossing too aggressively? The ligaments that hold our teeth in place can become damaged, swollen and even bleed when we apply to much pressure during our oral rituals. The next time you find yourself in the mirror brushing away, be gentle! Similarly, when eating foods that have a tough and rigged texture, make sure your bites are controlled and fluid throughout the meal. One wrong bite can lead you in a world of pain!

Question: Why do my teeth bleed?

The most common answer to this question is that your teeth themselves are not bleeding, but it's actually your gums! Flossing irregularly, or with too much pressure is one reason this will happen. For most patients, flossing comes as a boring, repetitive task that we neglect on a daily basis. When we neglect our gum line, plaque and buildup begins to accrue along the edges where our gums and teeth meet. When floss penetrates this area, it causes the buildup to detach and damage the gums, thus creating blood to present itself.

Question: I've cracked my tooth, will it grow back?

According to Dentistry Today, cracked gums are one of the most common forms of dental damage and account for the majority of dental visits around the globe. Patients usually experience cracked and chipped teeth as a result of clenching their jaw too hard, also known as Bruxism. These situations can be treated and repaired through crowns, fillings, caps and dental implants.

Although the enamel located on the surface of our teeth can repair itself through the means of our saliva, major chips and cracks cannot be restored naturally. These more intrusive injuries require the skillful eye and expertise of a dentist.

Question: Do new teeth grow if one is knocked out?

To put it bluntly, adults that have already lost their baby teeth cannot regrow new teeth in the event of one being knocked out. However, teeth that are knocked out (avulsed) can reattached if the procedure is done within the first few hours after the accident. If this happens to you, call a dentist immediately, keep the tooth moist in a cup of milk or back in the socket, if it is placed back in easily. And do not touch the broken side of the tooth as this can cause damage to the nerves. If you are in this situation, call Lowry Dental in Boise for emergency dental appointments at (208) 377-0410


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