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Dental Tips for Camping


Summer Time Adventures!

With summer upon you, it's no surprise that one of the activities that you can't wait to experience is camping. There's nothing quite as rejuvenating as reconnecting with nature. However, dental health when camping should never be sacrificed just because you want to rough it up in the wild for a few days. In fact, skipping a few days of brushing can actually be detrimental to your health. As such, you may want to first have yourself a thorough cleaning from your dentist before you head off to the woods. After that, you may want to consider these tips to make sure your teeth are as healthy as you are while on the trail.


1. Bring A Toothbrush

Whether you want to use your regular toothbrush or use a travel size one, you'll need it in order to brush your teeth. That being said, you may want to consider buying a toothbrush cap to protect the brush during your travels. After all, you don't want to stick your toothbrush in your sack only to find that it's been rubbing up against your sweaty socks.


2. Choose Toothpaste Or Powder

If you're concerned about the wildlife, then you may want to select a powder that doesn't contain harmful chemicals. However, if you choose to spit your toothpaste in the same hole that you're using as a bathroom, then you should be fine. The problem arises when you spit your toothpaste into the brush. An animal can come by, attracted by its rich scent, and choose to eat it. This could make the animal ill or even kill it. As such, you should make sure you're doing your part to leave no trace behind in your dental care. Tooth powder is where you can do just that.

By selecting a powder that has all natural ingredients, like baking soda, you can keep your dental health when camping improved, and not have to worry about potentially damaging another living creature.


3. Dry Brushing

Let's say you forgot to bring the toothpaste or tooth powder. You can do something known as dry brushing, too. Essentially, take your toothbrush and damp it with drinkable water. You need to make sure the water is clean, otherwise, you're just washing your mouth with more bacteria. Make sure you brush your teeth, tongue, and gums with the brush. If you forgot your toothbrush, too, you can use a dampened bandana or rag to roll over your teeth in circles.


4. See Your Dentist

After your trip, you will probably want to make sure you see your dentist. They can make sure your teeth are still healthy and fighting the good fight against gum disease. An extra cleaning and flossing never hurt anyone!


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