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5 Ways to Get Your Kids BRUSHING

Do you have trouble getting your child to brush his teeth on his own? Are you concerned about his oral health? Most kids hate brushing their teeth, much like they hate combing their hair or taking a bath. Creativity is important when it comes to encouraging them to brush their teeth twice a day for two minutes. Here are five ways your kids can get excited about brushing teeth so you can give up the fight.

Start Oral Hygiene Early

Since it's never too oral to make oral hygiene a daily habit, you want to implement those oral hygiene practices as soon as possible. Most Boise dentists recommend starting oral hygiene before your child's first tooth grows in. If you have an infant, wipe their gums with a gentle, damp cloth. Switch over to a toothbrush when their teeth grow in around 6 months of age.

You should floss their teeth once they start touching, which is around 2 or 3 years of age. Their first appointment with the Boise dentist should happen around their first birthday, no matter how many teeth they have. You can always speak with your dentist on benefits on semi-annual checkups.

Make Those 2 Minutes Count

Since your child has only two minutes to brush their teeth, you should make those minutes count. Don't just set a timer and let them do their thing. Make brushing their teeth twice a day for two minutes a regular event. Play your child's favorite music or have a two-minute dance-off.

Brushing apps or video tutorials can make those two minutes fly by easily. You can also recite a two-minute using your funniest voices. Get creative with this time and switch up things so they don't get bored once brushing time rolls around. You want to make sure brushing time is a fun and positive time.

Make a Game Out of Brushing Teeth

All you need is a little fun to make oral hygiene exciting for your child. Challenge your child to a brush-off. Tell them that you can brush your teeth better than they can and see what happens. Of course, you'll let them win.

There are a wide variety of games that meet the two-minute mark. Get a sand timer and encourage your child to continue brushing until all the sand has reached the bottom. Or you can buy your child a toothbrush that plays music for two minutes. Whatever game you choose, offer an incentive such as staying up later at night or choosing the next movie on family night.

Brush Your Teeth at the Same Time

When all else fails, make brushing your teeth a family affair. It's important for you to set a good example, especially when it comes to teaching good oral hygiene habits. If your child sees you flossing regularly, he's more likely to floss. Pretend to be a mirror and mimic your child's brushing habits. Or, you can encourage them to copy your brushing moves.

Your child wants to be a mini version of you, so take advantage of that. Brushing your teeth at the same time allows you to spend quality time together. It also teaches them the benefits of having a healthy smile. Your child will quickly develop these oral hygiene habits on their own.

Choose Entertaining Tools

Since brushing and flossing can be difficult for first-timers, it's important to use the right tools. Some kid-friendly tools include battery-operated toothbrushes, flossers without sharp edges, and flavored toothpaste.

A battery-operated toothbrush allows your child to get the plaque off since he can't mimic the circles for accurate brushing. Allow your child to pick out his favorite color or design toothbrush and favorite flavor of toothpaste.

Creating engaging and fun habits will ensure that your child will develop a lifelong habit of caring for her teeth. Brushing and flossing should be fun and shouldn't be painful or difficult. If you introduce brushing and flossing at a young age, your child will quickly pick up on these habits.


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