A full denture replaces all the original teeth on the upper or lower arch of a person’s mouth.

They provide chewing function as well as restore the shape of the lips and cheeks of your face.

Upper dentures usually fit better than lower dentures because you can usually get some “suction” from the palate.

Both upper and lower dentures can be significantly tighter fitting if dental implants are used to anchor them.

Dentures are made of gum colored acrylic with teeth made from harder plastic or ceramic material set into them.

When you no longer have teeth your remaining gums and ridges will continue to shrink.

Because of this shrinkage you will need to have your dentures relined or remade periodically.


Our first time Boise denture patients may prefer to have what we call immediate dentures.

  • These are made to approximately fit your mouth before the teeth are extracted.
  • Then they are placed into your mouth the day your remaining teeth are removed.

Immediate dentures will require several relines as the gum tissue and bone reshape.

The advantage is you don’t go without teeth during this healing process.