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Antibiotics Before Dental Procedures

We live at a wonderful time in history. Medical advances allow us to live longer lives. We can be much more comfortable and more mobile because of the marvelous appliances and techniques available today. Great physicians perform procedures which replace worn out hips and knees and shoulders and various other body parts with amazing  success. Not too many years ago people with severe hip and knee problems would suffer much pain and would be crippled, only able to get around with wheelchairs or crutches. One of the biggest concerns and causes for failure with these prosthetic joints is infection. Over
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Toothbrush Buzz

We seem to be into Pickles these days, but Brian Crane in a recent cartoon gives some great advice on tooth brushing. In the cartoon Opal is telling her grandson that he can still brush his teeth even though the battery is dead in his electric brush. We all become quite dependent on our modern devices. For years we all brushed our teeth with a manual toothbrush and did quite well. They still work very efficiently when used properly. As is often the problem with any tool if it is not working right we need to first look at the
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aCute Gingivitis

The other day in the “Pickles” cartoon Opal was telling Earl how cute their grandson, Nelson, was. Earl responded that he was called cute when he was younger also. In fact he said just recently his dentist had said he was cute. Opal corrected him saying the dentist told him  he had “acute gingivitis”. Gingivitis is certainly not cute. In our country more than half the population has gingivitis in various stages of severity. Gingivitis is an inflammatory condition in our mouths that has direct correlation with other inflammatory diseases in our bodies. Diabetes, heart disease, cancer, respiratory disease, low
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