We Accept Most Forms of Dental Insurance!

Dental Insurance is a nice benefit that some employers give their employees.

It is however not insurance. Insurance is by definition a help for a catastrophic event that could not be tolerated. Open heart surgery or a joint replacement or a child with cancer can cost a family many thousands of dollars. Medical insurance helps ease the tremendous burden.

  • Dental insurance is a good monetary help but it hasn’t kept up with inflation over the past 30-40 years.
  • Thirty-five years ago many dental insurance plans would pay a yearly maximum amount of $1000 to $1500 dollars.

Today’s dental plans have the very same annual benefits.

If your automobile insurance still payed the same amount they paid thirty-five years ago you would be very unhappy when an uninsured driver totaled out your new vehicle.

Dental insurance helps but you should not rely on them to provide the dental care you need.

  • They are in the business of providing a benefit that is paid for by an employer in most cases.
  • The contract allows a certain benefit for a given premium.
  • They don’t care if your need is different or costs more than the contract specifies.

We will try to help you get the most possible benefit form your insurance plan.

We do accept most major insurance plans, but please call to find out if we accept your plan.

Please understand that they don’t base their benefit on your need but only on their contractual obligation.

  • Do not allow your health to be jeopardized by what the plan will or will not pay.
  • You must decide what is in your best interest and choose accordingly.

The best dental care is sometimes expensive and we will help you explore other financial options if needed.