5 Biting Reasons Implants are Superior to Bridge Work

If you’re an adult with a tooth that must be extracted, you’ve probably heard about these two tooth replacement solutions: dental implants and bridgework. At Boise’s Lowry Dental, we believe an implant is your better option for many reasons. Here are a few.
With proper care, it’s a permanent solution. A dental implant is a root replacement procedure in which the new root is anchored into the gum. Over time, this new root fuses into the bone in a process called osseointegration, which provides strong structural integrity. With a cylinder usually composed of titanium, a dental implant is durable and designed to last a lifetime. Bridgework, on the other hand, can typically last as little as five to seven years, according to the Cleveland Clinic. WebMD says that a typical lifespan for bridgework is five to fifteen years. Both sources say that, with proper care, bridgework could last ten year or longer. But it’s not designed to be a permanent solution for most.
It’s more aesthetically pleasing. Implants are designed to fit into your mouth just as your original tooth did, and they can be colored to match your other teeth. Many of our patients say that after a few years they forget which of their teeth are implants and which are original equipment.
It’s a solution that only involves the affected tooth. Bridgework gets its name because it’s a structure in which your Boise dentist will bridge the false tooth between two healthy teeth. These healthy “abutment” teeth must have the enamel scraped away and crowns placed over them. The dental implant procedure, on the other hand, only affects what goes into the space formerly occupied by that missing or extracted tooth.
The procedure helps prevent bone loss. As mentioned in this web article by the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, one of the disadvantages of dental bridgework is the heightened risk of bone loss. That’s not a concern with dental implants.
It’s usually a more cost-effective solution. That’s a claim that might surprise anyone who’s received cost estimates for both treatment options. Bridgework is usually shown to be less expensive than a dental implant, but that’s more than a bit misleading. As we explained earlier, medical experts say that bridgework could last as little as five years, and probably not much longer than ten. So that means you might have to pay for bridgework on the same tooth twice or longer in your lifetime. The cost — and the hassles — add up!
To learn more information, visit our website, or simply contact us and ask about both tooth replacement solutions. We think you’ll see how implants are your best alternative for your smile, your oral health and your peace of mind. 

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