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The 13 Worst Habits That Hurt Your Teeth

Could you be hurting your teeth without realizing it? It’s more likely than you might think. Lots of tooth-damaging habits are very common, and most people have been guilty of at least one or two of them at some time. It might seem as though habits like chewing ice or biting your nails are no big deal, but in reality, these harmful habits can do major damage to your teeth over time. What makes these habits so bad? Well, compared with other parts of your body, your teeth aren’t very resilient. They’re protected by an outer layer of enamel, but
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Evidence-Based Dentistry: The Facts

Evidence Based Dentistry: The Facts The modern practice of clinical dentistry has come an incredibly long way from the days of the village “surgeon-barber.” This was the person typically called upon for tooth-extraction — virtually the only oral health remedy for the vast majority of people in recorded history. In this early part of the 21st century, clinical dentistry and other forms of health care are undergoing a dramatic evolution, some might call it a revolution, which is referred to as evidence based care. Evidence based practices are currently in the process of changing much of how dentistry, as well as other professions, are
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